The « AI & Machine Learning course from scratch » by Dr. Long Nguyen is 90% sale off until 07-Sept-2020:

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What you’ll learn from the course:

  • Understand the concepts and BRANCHES of AI that you’ll never find elsewhere!
  • Understand Machine Learning algorithms STEP-BY-STEP
  • Be able to implement Machine Learning algorithms in Python
  • Understand and implement Artificial Neural Network & Deep Learning
  • Understand and implement Regression, Classification, and Clustering algorithms
  • Enhance your AI background with Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Computation (very USEFUL)
  • Get a SOLID BACKGROUND in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Step-by-step practical exercises on real-world problems: handwritten digits recognition, house price prediction, customer churn prediction, customer segmentation …

If you seriously want to learn about AI & Machine Learning:

There are many AI & Machine Learning courses out there BUT most of them teach you how to develop AI applications in just three lines of code! You will NEVER want that if your objective is to get a solid background in AI from scratch.

Therefore, this course by Long Nguyen is aimed at providing you comprehensive fundamentals in AI, from zero to hero! After completing this course, you will understand and be able to implement the most important methodologies in AI such as MACHINE LEARNING, Deep Learning, Fuzzy Logic, and Evolutionary Computation.

As having been working very hard and seriously for this project, I really forward to seeing you in the lectures!